Wild At Heart

Built Rugged

We specialize in outdoor product market video production, aiming to captivate audiences and enhance your brand through visual storytelling. Our mission is unlocking your brand's potential, crafting compelling narratives that connect deeply with your audience. With high-quality digital content, we showcase your products brilliantly to drive brand awareness and sales.

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Raised In The Wild

We're wild at heart. The outdoors and adventure are in our blood. We're not video professions in the wild, we're hunters skilled in visually storytelling.

Quality In Every Condition

Rain, shine, cold, and heat. We're in the elements to tell your brand story beautifully. We don't shy away from any outdoor challenge.

We Speak The Language

We know our way around a blind and tree stand. We can help you tell the story of your product in a real-life hunt. Not just in a closed space studio.

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Our Work

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A Note from our founder

Before Big Horn Productions was even an idea, my childhood was spent making memories on my grandparents farm during harvest listening to all the stories told, or out exploring our tree line for hours experiencing God’s creation. This early exposure ignited my passion for storytelling. As I progressed from sports to business, I honed my skills in teamwork and communication. For nearly the last decade, I’ve tried to spend every waking moment pushing myself out of my comfort zone to be better, embrace challenges, and learn from every mistake. Our mission is simple yet profound: to take on every project with efficiency, quality, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Ben Mohorn | Founder + Lead Creative
Our Services

Storytellers by trade, wild at heart.



Video production and content creation are our bread and butter. We can do it all, from commercials, to social reels, and everything in between.


Product In The Field

Go outside the studio and put your products into real world application. Customers crave authenticity, and we put your brand in the wild.



We uniquely partner with our sibling brand Midwest Outdoor Chasers to give you access to media talent, industry expertise, and cross-brand promotion.